Deleted FB post memorializing Hopkins man was misunderstanding

Earlier this week, Steven Bergknoff posted a link to a substance abuse fundraiser in memory of his brother on a Facebook page dedicated to memorials for Hopkins High School students who have died.

“It was a long, almost 5-year battle that he had to fight,” Bergknoff said.

The post was taken down by the site’s administrators, Fox9 News reports.

To his surprise, the site’s administrator — Richard Rexroth — took down he link in the morning and sent him a message that read, “It’s a lovely idea and a worthy cause, but it doesn’t fit with the vision and direction of the page.”

“I was hurt,” Bergknoff admitted. “I thought it was a little disrespectful of him.”

News of the squabble took off on social media. For the most part, nasty comments have been hurled at the site’s three administrators while others brought in words of encouragement for Bergknoff. On Thursday night, Fox 9 News caught up with Rexroth, a 1984 Hopkins grad.

“It just said ‘Jesse’s Journey,'” Rexroth said. “It did not say anything about this is a former Hopkins alum.”

In hindsight, Rexroth says he regrets any confusion and is urging Bergknoff to repost his brother’s link. He now hopes to use the kerfuffle as a way to reassess their page policies in the future.

The memorial page is independent of the school.