After six years, wedding ring returns to Duluth man

It’s a happy ending for a Duluth man who lost his wedding ring while golfing in Neillsville, Wis., six years ago. He had taken it off to put on sunscreen (Guys, don’t take off your wedding ring to put on sunscreen. Don’t take your wedding ring off for any reason) and he forgot to put it back on.

Phil Davidson distributed flyers around the country club. Every year he goes back and asks if anyone found his ring — the one with the five diamonds in it — but, the Duluth News Tribune reports, he had no luck. Until this year.

When he paid his greens fees at the course earlier this month, he again asked the clerk if anyone had turned in a wedding band. No, she said. But a man who happened to be going out the door turned around, Phil said, and told him someone had found a ring a few weeks before.

“I gave him my business card and said I’d be there for a few hours,” Phil said.

Another man walked up to him on the first tee. The man asked Phil to describe the ring, which he did.

“He said, ‘Yep, that’s it,’ ” Phil said.

The man’s grandson, Cody Holman of Neillsville, had found the ring this past spring.

In a telephone interview Sunday, Cody, 15, said he had been walking to a nearby tee box at the golf course when he noticed something shiny in the grass.

“I thought it was a pop tab,” Cody said. “I was going to pick it up and saw it was a ring.”

He held onto it, hoping to hear who had lost it.

Wait a second, kid! It didn’t occur to you to turn it in to the course’s management?

Phil put the ring back on to surprise his wife on their anniversary. She didn’t notice.

  • Erik

    Several years ago, I was spreading mulch around a huge area of the back yard. I took my wedding ring off (yeah, bad move) and put it in my pocket because the combination of rake handle and ring was giving me a blister.

    Needless to say, when I finished and went into my pocket for the ring, it was gone. I searched as well as I was able, but given that I’d just spread several hundred square feet of mulch a few inches deep, it was hopeless.

    This past winter, the washing machine died, and I had to move it out for repairs. Sitting on the basement floor under the washing machine? My wedding ring. I’m still baffled as to how it ended up there.

  • joetron2030

    > Phil put the ring back on to surprise his wife on their anniversary. She didn’t notice.

    This made me guffaw. I’m sure she gave him holy H*ll when he first lost it, too. 😛