Your own, affordable jet? WI firm ushers in new era

Most of the publicity around small jets for people has focused on Duluth-based Cirrus, which has put a lot of its future in the hands of the VLJ, the very light jet concept.

But at nearly $2 million apiece, that’s not an aircraft for typical people. That’s an aircraft for corporations and businesspeople who don’t want to spend, say, $3 million for a jet. It’s not likely to revolutionize general aviation.

This might.

Sonex Aircraft of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, announced yesterday that its SubSonex jet had its first flight over Oshkosh. And it works.

The jet will include a parachute system manufactured by South St. Paul’s Ballistic Recovery Systems.

The price? $135,000.

Why so (comparatively) low? Two reasons, primarily. First, there’s only room for one person.

Also, you have to put it together yourself.