‘We’re from the news media. We’re here to help you’

When’s the last time you saw a substantive interview result from a TV reporter knocking on someone’s door?

In Detroit, a news crew knocked on the door of an 88-year-old man yesterday, a few days after three people knocked on his door, pushed him inside, knocked him to the ground, put a gun to his head, tied him up with a phone cord, took $600 in cash, his cellphone, and a wallet.

“We tried to give the victim of the crime a chance to talk to us,” the TV reporter said in his broadcast last night. Mighty nice of him.

Instead, the homeowner waved a gun at the reporter and then reportedly shot at him and his camera operator.

The man was handcuffed and taken to a crisis center, and the station missed what might’ve been a better story: the PTSD caused by violence in neighborhoods.

“Yes, we report the crime, but was it necessary to go back and ask the victim how he felt? Isn’t that self explanatory? I was shocked that this station would ‘create’ news in this manner. I doubt this story will earn the station any awards,” a counselor commenting on the station’s website said.

The station found little support on its own Facebook page:

  • Dave

    I’m impressed that someone in Detroit made it to 88.

  • MrE85

    When I did PR work for Regions Hospital, I was always getting requests from media to talk to injured patients and/or traumatized family members. I always made sure that everyone knew they had the right to say “no.” They just can’t say no with a gun.

  • Gary F

    i’m not fond of TV reporters, but I wouldn’t shoot them.

    Think the reporters in Detroit will be less annoying knowing they could end up catching lead?