Starting today I am on vacation. And by “on vacation,” I mean today I’m co-hosting The Current’s morning show with Mary Lucia, which is a pretty easy way to spend the last work day of the week.

So there’s no posting by me today.

Next week I’m off to Oshkosh for the annual air show. I may post from there, but probably not.

See you on Monday, August 4.

  • Gary F

    Bob, more Alt-Country. Play more of Bill DeVille’s stuff.

  • MrE85

    And I’ll be gone, too. This blog is doomed.

  • JB

    My Grandpa took me to Oshkosh once when I was kid. It remains one of my best memories of both him and my childhood and though I’m only a pilot at heart I’ve always wanted to go back someday. Have fun! And at the very least post some cool pictures via your twitter feed.

  • Enjoy!

    My brother will be going to Oshkosh (he’s a controller at MSP) and I think my friends at the CAF (Fleming Filed) will also be attending.

  • John

    I’m really enjoying listening to you two for more than 8 minutes. I don’t think it’s an every day replacement, but it’s been a lot of fun to listen to almost the whole show this morning (which I normally can’t manage to do).

    Enjoy your vacation. Don’t get a crick in your neck from all the staring at the sky next week.

  • David

    Have a great time – and take some photos for us?

  • Heather

    That was awesome!

  • joetron2030

    Enjoy your time off, Bob!