The price of a free baseball

It is an ill-kept secret that your NewsCut host wants to catch a baseball (foul or fair; doesn’t matter) at a major league game before he expires on the planet.

Like this guy almost did in the upper deck at Target Field during the Home Run Derby the other night.

Jordan Jacobson stuck out his bare hand in his attempt to prove that youth is wasted on the young, and paid the price.

All he came up with was this:

Photo: Page Q Sports

“It was extremely painful at first, then went numb after about 15 minutes,” the Lakeville man told Page Q Sports. “It probably would have felt better if I would have gotten the ball.”

  • joetron2030


  • Heather

    Remember your glove, Bob!

  • rasm0225

    I always thought, “gee, I would have thought catching a foul ball with a bare hand would really hurt.” I guess it does. Why don’t people scream in agony on the jumbo-tron? Is it because they’re still euphoric?

    • It kind of depends on the trajectory and speed of the ball. Catching a lazy, high pop out is different from snagging a laser shot jit just over the dugout.

      And ease the ball into your hand when you get a hold of it.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    Having tried to catch a couple of flyball softballs with my hand this summer, I can relate. But I’m glad this dope came to an event only for homeruns and stood somewhere only where homeruns would land and now gets a great souviner from a major league star for his stupitude of not bringing a glove. Why didn’t I think of that.

    • I think it landed well up in section 331. Has a homer ever landed up there before?

  • amesj

    I, too have always wanted to catch a baseball. I almost did, nearly 10 years ago at a St. Paul Saints game. I had broken my pinky and dislocated the knuckle playing broomball earlier that winter and had been working hard with a physical therapist (yes, for a pinky) to get the tendon to heal and straighten. That May, the ball (foul) smacked my left hand and I immediately knew something wasn’t right. Broke my fifth metacarpal and had to have my hand, including the aforementioned pinky and ring finger in a cast that extended up to my elbow. So, my permanently crooked pinky is thanks to a foul baseball. I’m going with “scars are cool, but baseball scars are the coolest” on this one.