Target fires security guard who turned in a shoplifter

A Target security guard in Leesburg, Va., is out of a job because he reported a shoplifter to the police.

The Washington Post says Dallas Northington saw the shoplifter twice on video and says he responded the way he always does; he contacted the Leesburg police.

Northington, 29 and a father of two with one on the way, says Target told him he didn’t fill out the proper paperwork before calling the police. And the man who was the suspect, and who may have been a sheriff’s deputy according to the Post, wasn’t charged even though Northington provided his name and two color videos of the theft.

“I’m confused and don’t understand why,” Northington said. “I’ve been there for eight years, no issues. I’m just trying to provide for my family, and I just really want to get back to work.”

A corporate spokesperson said privacy issues prevent her from discussing details of the situation but said the company doesn’t believe Northington’s claim.

“In my eight years, I’ve never had to call anyone to give out the video or to call police,” Northington said. “I have never seen any policy about contacting law enforcement.”

The police said there might be extenuating circumstances to explain why it’s taking so long to charge the alleged shoplifter.

  • Dennis

    TARGET! Give the man his job back and support him for what he did. Then review your policies and retrain your staff. What you did stinks!

  • helices

    Well, at least this story has plenty of sensationalist facts – notwithstanding so much context is missing. Congratulations on raising the ire of readers who don’t know what context is …

    • Since this is a blog, maybe you should probably click the link to the Post story.

      If you have you know (a) the young man’s story (b) the police department’s view (c) and the opportunity that was given to Target to tell its side.

      The only voice missing is the the perp.

  • cags777

    Not sure what’s worse: Target firing this man for not filling out paperwork. Or police not charging a fellow law enforcement officer with theft despite video evidence.

  • tb

    For 7 years I was inside the belly of the corporate beast. Nothing in this story surprises me except that after 30 years, with the exception of the IT security breech, Target’s corporate image remains unscathed and their workforce remains union free.

    • jon

      Target has a surprisingly robust “speak no evil about target” policy…

      Though from what I read that same policy contributed to the severity of the security breach…

  • John O.

    \Declan Leonard, Northington’s attorney, said he typically represents employers in such disputes, but “when we heard how he was treated by Target, we decided to step in.”

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Target will need to get its checkbook out in the not-too-distant future. When an attorney who usually represents one side steps in to represent the other in a situation like this, odds are that he sees an easy payday for his firm and his client.

  • DT

    Here’s the real deal. A black man with a spotless 8yr record of service to this jive ass racist, union-less, corrupt corporation which has a reputation for weak cyber security which encourage identity theft scams and endangerment of its customers is adding chevrons to its tarnished image by discriminatory policies against employees. Northington did his job and was fired because the shoplifting criminal identified was a former employee for the sheriff’s department. The police department is in cahoots with Target and prompted his termination because one of theirs was spotted stealing TWICE, which Target went along with, using the fake phony cover of his not following procedure correctly to fire him. Molly Snyder is a silly ass dingbat trying to sound like the investigation equates to some intense scrutiny of the situation, but refuses to answer why Northington was fired without cause. Verdict: Target, guilty of discrimination, wrongful termination, violation of public policy and procedure. I hope Northington gets what he deserves, which is compensatory damages for 8yrs of wasted service to the “Bullseye” robber barons. He should sue the Leesburg police department as well for collusion and conspiracy. All of it will come out at trial hearing depositions.