Sad Brazil

Soccer is called “the beautiful game,” because “the game that rips your heart out, stomps on your gut, and leaves your country humiliated in the eyes of the sports world” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  • Jeff C.
  • John Peschken

    I will never understand the emotional investment in sports. It’s sure for real for a lot of people though. To me, just a local entertainment business that often (usually) puts on a bad show.

    • michael allen

      I couldn’t agree more, John. I’ve PLAYED sports my whole life. But WHY people follow “THEIR” team when it’s a huge oligopoly with athletes willing to anything and everything to make hundreds of millions, while owners(BTW it’s NOT “YOUR TEAM” when Ziggy Wilf has the title owner and no one else) make BILLIONS AND have stadiums and corporate welfare doled out to them by the millions!. I was talking to a friend who is brilliant in the field of cancer genetics at the UofMinn. He’s published in Nature & Science. And he BEGS for money through numerous grants. He spends most of his time just trying to get money so his lab can find a cure for cancer!!. This while the UofMinn football coach makes MILLIONS!!. If we as a people put the interest and MONEY that we put into cancer research as we do into our obsession with sports, we’d eliminate cancer in this decade.