Near disaster on runway in Spain

There’s no bigger problem in all of aviation than runway incursions, in which a plane strays onto an active runway.

In Barcelona this weekend, an Aerolineas Argentinas plane crossed a runway directly into the path of a landing Russian airliner. It could have been catastrophic.

The captain of the jet on the ground likely missed instructions to stop short of the runway.

Meanwhile, the Houston Chronicle is reporting that two United Airlines flights almost collided with each other in midair last week.

(h/t: Hart Van Denburg)

  • Good on that Russian pilot to pull out that one.

    And as my brother (a Controller) says, “It’s pretty hard to get those blips to run into each other.”

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    I freaked out Wednesday night when a plane coming off of 35 crossed the end of 30L as another plane was about to touch down on it even though they were 9,000 feet apart.

  • Jack

    So glad I wasn’t aware of this while flying back on Saturday.