In All-Star Game ‘controversy,’ Fox blames social media

Social media got an undeserved high, hard one from a Fox sports reporter and Adam Wainwright, last night’s All-Star Game starter for the National League.

Wainwright joked that he “grooved” (let him hit it) pitches to New York Yankees star Derek Jeter, playing in his last All Star Game. Jeter doubled in what appeared to be a storybook moment in Minneapolis.

Then his comments got into the hands of reporters so Fox’s reporter knocked it down, and delivered a last minute shot to social media.

Whoa! Wait a second: “Don’t you love social media?” Where does that come from?

Wainwright didn’t make his comment to social media. He made his comments to reporters — rootin’ tootin’ not-living-in-the-parents’-basement, credentialed reporters. In this case, Ken Rosenthal, who works for — wait for it — Fox Sports.

With Fox having created the controversy in the first place, then dismissing the controversy as the fault of social media, it was left for Rosenthal to complete the logical gymnastics to dismiss the controversy that he alone was responsible for creating.

“… even if Wainwright grooved a pitch to Jeter, who cares?” Rosenthal writes today.

Jeter’s All-Star double might have been rigged,” the New York Daily News’ headline blares, ignoring the fact Wainwright’s comments were a joke. The reporter for the News — have we mentioned it’s an old-fashioned newspaper, printed on paper? — dismisses the controversy as “Internet fodder.”

Don’t you just love printing presses?