Hoaxed: The Home Run Derby injury that wasn’t

At first, it felt like a good, human hard luck story.

A fan up in the Target Field nosebleed seats gets an unlikely chance to catch a baseball during the All-Star Game Home Run Derby after Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton hits a moonshot into the stands.

But the ball hits off the kid’s hand, leaving him with nothing more than a massive bruise.

Then some national sports media pick up the story and before you know it, Stanton is tweeting an apology and offering to send the kid some sweet souvenirs.


This morning, though, the young man was the one apologizing.

Stanton’s home run did not cause the discoloration on Jordan Jacobson’s hand.


  • Kid handled it about as well as possible. Just a joke!

    • Gotta give him a high five, he fessed up before he was fingered by the cops, who, apparently, weren’t really on the ball enough to catch this before it got out of hand.


  • John O.

    He obviously knuckled under to pressure…

    • Oh, well played!