Bizarre Wimbledon scene as Serena withdraws

It was fairly frightening watching Serena Williams trying to play tennis today. The five-time Wimbledon champ pulled out of a doubles match today, which came after a lengthy courtside visit with a doctor.

Were it not for the seriousness of the situation, the cheekiness of the Brit broadcasters would be positively entertaining.

Wimbledon doctors are now saying it was “a viral illness.”

  • Gary F

    That’s tough to watch. She lost her singles match too.

    With what it takes both mentally and physically to be among the world’s best, what must go through your head when you are under the weather and can’t perform.

    I wonder how much her sister knew?

    I hate to say I hope she had a viral illness and not gin and tonic disease from losing her first match to a low ranked player.