A Doolittle Raider gets a lift

Those of us who spend any time around South St. Paul often wonder what it must have been like to try to launch a B-25 from a World War II aircraft carrier as the Doolittle Raiders tried to do in April 1942.

Our imagination is enhanced by the fact “Miss Mitchell,” a B-25 operated by the Commemorative Air Force of Minnesota, is based at St. Paul’s Fleming Field.

When it flew over to Oshkosh for the big aviation convention over the weekend, it went a little out of its way, picking up Dayton, Ohio, native Dick Cole, 98, who is one of four remaining “Doolittle Raiders.”

Here’s a link to the video.

  • John O.

    Thanks for sharing this, Bob. Now that we are well into the 21st century, I don’t think those of us born after the end of World War II fully appreciate what was accomplished by “the greatest generation.” The world would probably be a very different place had it not been for these men and women.

  • boB from WA

    One other thing that some folks might not know, is that after the raid, they couldn’t return back to the carriers, but had to fly on to China and make their way back to the US from there. It was an arduous journey and not all made it.

    • joetron2030


  • J F Hanson

    And another thanks, Bob.

  • Jack Boardman

    This is exactly WHY I volunteer at the Minnesota Wing of the CAF at
    Fleming. Among my responsibilities is giving tours at the museum; and my
    favorite tours are those including a WWII veteran. Almost always they become
    quite emotional as they walk around “Miss Mitchell,” and tell their stories.