Your daily dose of cute

Oh, for no particular reason. Just because they gave me a blog for some reason.

  • John O.

    Oh to be a parent today who can have a GoPro (or smartphone) available to record these moments.

  • Jack

    Wow – the scenery! I would love to know where that footage was taken.

    Looks like a great place to bike.

    • Greg W

      To piggy back off Jim G, somewhere in the Canadian Pacific Northwest, most likely. I say Canadian only for the “Thanks a lot, eh” at 0:58 in the video. I make this assertion to maintain my Junior Internet Detective badge.

      But yes, American, Canadian, or otherwise, there is beautiful scenery out there. Just wish we all had the time to enjoy it.

  • Jim G

    I would bet it’s in the Great Northwest, Washington or Oregon. Why? According to my west coast wife, because in Minnesota we have mini-trees. These trees are too big for it to be in Minnisota .

  • Matt Black

    According to the write-up if you click through the video, it’s the Powell River, British Columbia, Canada.