Will life stop for today’s U.S. World Cup match?

Neighborhoods in the United States will look just like this today when the United States plays Ghana in the World Cup competition.

Though normally rush hours, the streets will be deserted; everyone will be plunked down before the TV. We will be one and united, forgetting the many issues that divide us.

“America will never care this much about a sport,” our pal, Derek Schille, writes in forwarding this video of one Sao Paulo neighborhood during Brazil’s opening game.

People should make a similar video of their U.S. town during today’s game.

  • “America will never care this much about a sport…”

    That’s because we have quite a few from which to choose.

  • Gary F

    Cars still stuck in traffic. Plenty of people at the Gas Station and Walgreens. Bus just stopped and a bunch of people got on. It’s five pm and most people do not know or care that there is a game today.

    • And yet, the place I was going to go watch the game was packed to overflowing…