Where you should live

Last week, as I wrote in this space, the Pew Center revealed that the polarization of America is affecting where we physically reside. In our increasingly tribal ways, we’re segregating ourselves by our political philosophy.

It’s no secret, of course, that if you live in Minneapolis, you’re more likely to be a Democrat than if you live in Edina.

Using that data, Clarity Campaign Labs has produced an online survey that asks a small number of questions that reveals which zip code is right for you.

Pro choice, looking for gun control, and think climate change needs to be addressed now? You’re a 55405’er, for sure. Or, if you’re not a big fan of the Bryn Mawr area of Minneapolis, apparently Biwabik should be home, according to the survey.

If you identify with Republicans more, are against legalization abortion, but think that guns should be further controlled and climate change needs attention, then Canyon, Minnesota is your type of place.

You can play with it on the Washington Post’s website.

  • Dave

    It’s funny if you put in all liberal answers except “I prefer urban areas.” Then it suggests a place off in the boondocks that has like 3 people despite all the other liberal values. It suggested Redlake MN and La Pointe WI in this case.

    • Tim

      I tried a similar set of answers, only with churchgoing marked as don’t include, and selected South Dakota just to see what would happen. The resulting list is just college campuses and Indian reservations.

  • John Peschken

    Apparently I am an East of Calhoun/Harriet kind of guy. I have always considered myself a mixed bag, being a church going, gun owning, Democrat who thinks guns should be controlled more, and abortions less. Apparently that is where us mixed bags hang out.

    Interestingly, when I pretended to be a climate change denier, my best spot changed to Cedar Riverside. I don’t quite get that one. Since that’s a largely Somali neighborhood, it makes me wonder if Somali people tend to hold this view.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    I’m probably in the wrong zip code.