This St. Paul duck rescue photo has it all

Pioneer Press reporter Frederick Melo published this poignant photo on his Twitter feed late yesterday.

Look at that Edward Hopper lighting, the concern on people’s faces, the pedestrian in the distance, waiting for that red light to change. There’s even a bike lane in the shot — guaranteed to promote “engagement” when referenced in any news story or photo.

I understand that the ducklings were rescued later. Mission accomplished.

Such interventions do not always end happily, of course.

Just last week the Canadian Press reported that a Quebec woman was convicted in the deaths of two people after she stopped her car on a highway south of Montreal to help some ducks. A speeding motorcycle struck her car and the two riders were killed.

The professed animal lover told the court that she did not see the ducklings’ mother anywhere and planned to capture them and take them home.

No word on what happened to the ducks.

Overall, though, it’s been a good year for ducks. They’ve been seen paddling the bike paths of Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis.

  • This is another good duck rescue – the public works people are busy this time of year.

  • jon

    On the Quebec story:

    While as a motorcyclist I appreciate the law being applied both to the cars and the motorcycles involved in accidents… there comes a point where you are responsible for your own safety on a motorcycle… crashing into a parked car is probably one of those times…

    Another recent story on motorcycle crashes
    While I appreciate the full investigation, I have to wonder if some one were driving with out a license if there would be the same rigor.

  • Jeff C.

    I can’t believe that the defense attorney in the Quebec case is saying that his client should no be punished because there was no ill-will on her part. Every drunk driver could use that defense!

    I wish I knew where she parked her car. If she was in the traffic lane, she’s at fault. Dangerous!

    • joetron2030


      In fact, this almost happened to me the other week. I was driving along on divided surface street and at a section where the speed limit goes from 45 to 50. I almost didn’t notice people slowing down abruptly in the lane I was driving in. I managed to slow down in time but couldn’t figure out what was going on. It turned out that someone had pulled over to help a giant snapping turtle cross traffic. I don’t think the person even bothered putting on their hazards.