The sunscreen scare: Who will protect the children?

In Texas, the limits of protection are being explored by a school system near San Antonio that banned a child from using sunscreen on a recent field trip because it’s “typically toxic”.

The child’s mother, Christy Riggs, is upset because skin cancer runs in her family; her father recently died because of it, KEYE TV reports.

The school department’s spokesperson says the department can’t run the risk of children sharing their sunscreen. “The could injest it; it’s really just a dangerous situation.”

If a child is to need sunscreen,the school district says, it’ll require a note from a doctor.

  • jon

    “we can’t allow toxic things in to be in our schools”

    $10 says a quick inspection of the school right now would uncover things far more toxic than sunscreen.

    “we can’t allow children to share sunscreen, they could possibly have an allergic reaction”

    And because we can allow sharing we ban it.

    Seems like school administrators have very little imagination when it comes to regulating things… the only option they seem to have is banning things, and maybe having a zero tolerance policy to avoid having to think about how to apply the rules rationally…

  • davehoug


  • Gayle

    This a hoax, yes?
    If not, following the “might share” logic, has the school banned lunches from home? Hats? Wearing a bandage?
    Is there a problem with kids abusing sunscreen, getting high?
    Just when I think Texas can’t get any dumber…