The real ‘Date Night’

By now, perhaps, you’ve probably seen the sensuous attempt to sell a Minneapolis high-rise condo in which a guy drives his Maserati a block to meet his — we now find out — wife for dinner. You know, with the guy who wears a gorgeous suit without socks?

MPR’s Tim Post had a date with reality.

  • LOVE IT!

    • Jack

      That’s a reality check. (Sorry Pat)

  • DotWonder

    those people are really proud of their high end appliances. and they seem to drink a lot!

  • Travis Tufte

    Right on, Mr. Post. Although most people’s “whips” would probably be pedal bike…

  • prufrock

    Thank you, so much.

  • John Hardy

    Pretty good! I love how gross that blond is in the original video, albeit, spot on uptown floozy from Elk River. Don’t worry, they will have kids in a year and she’ll cheat with the valet at Chino Latino and it will all get VERY interesting.

    • Jerry

      ^ a little random misogyny

      • Give him a break. It probably wasn’t random at all.

  • Mary

    Love the spoof! It’s real life!!

  • Owen

    The base drop is the perfect ending.