StoryCorps: Remembering a civil rights swim-in

Motel and restaurant owner James Brock and his daughter, Robin, 13, raise a confederate flag in front of the Monson Motor Lodge in St. Augustine, Fla., June 19, 1964. The motel had been a target of integrationists for several weeks. Associated Press

Today’s StoryCorps from NPR offers a vivid reminder that it took more — much more — than freedom riders and and bus protests to advance civil rights in this country.

Fifty years ago next week, for example, several African-Americans jumped into a whites-only swimming pool at a Florida hotel. In response, the owner poured acid into the water.

J.T. Johnson, now 76, and Al Lingo, 78, were two of the swimmers.

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    June 13, 2014

Whatever happened to the owner of the hotel? Jimmy Brock died in 2007.

“Jimmy kind of caught the brunt of it. He was a nice guy,” said Eddy Mussallem, a fellow hotelier and longtime friend told the local paper. “They had to pick a motel, so they picked Jimmy’s motel. I always told him he did a foolish thing.”

Meanwhile, back in 2014: “Tea Party Candidate Says It’s OK To Stone Gays To Death.”

  • jon

    speaking of crazy politicians, I saw something on facebook the other day about Leslie Davis (I guess he is running against Dayton in the primaries)
    looks like he wants to end water fluoridation and warn people about the dangers of “Electro Magnetic Frequencies” (which ones I’m unclear about, the electromagnetic spectrum covers things like radio waves, infrared, visible light, x-rays, and gamma ray bursts… any of which can be dangerous in large/strong enough quantities)

    Also wants to “print” money for public works projects, because it worked so well in the weimar republic, and ban High fructose corn syrup and wheat from schools and government buildings…

    Part of me is curious if he got as much press time as some of the tea party candidates if he’d be ever stand any chance at being elected.