Neighbor pulls gun on man teaching child to ride bike

We’re in the middle of a run of neighbors-feuding-with-neighbors stories here in the land of Minnesota Nice.

The latest comes from Rosemount where a man allegedly pulled a gun on a neighbor who was trying to teach his little girl how to ride a bike, according to Fox 9 News.

The father told Fox 9 News he’s still shaken by the encounter. He explained that when he and his daughter got down to the cul de sac, Drake began yelling from his porch. When the father responded to say, “I’ve got it,” Drake allegedly said, “If you don’t like my advice, get off the street.”

At that point, Drake appeared to get angrier — but as the father and daughter prepared to leave the area, Drake allegedly went inside his home, grabbed a Remington 870 shotgun, pointed it at the father and threatened to kill him.

Drake’s wife eventually came out and pulled the gun away, but police said he didn’t appear repentant when he was booked. In fact, he allegedly told officers, “Maybe next time. I should have shot him.”


  • John

    This, coming off a post last Friday about how some folks don’t feel safe downtown.

    Also – really? How bad must your day be going that you snap at some guy teaching his kid to ride a bike?

  • MrE85

    I believe the neighbor was just trying to instruct the child on the finer points of the Second Amendment.

  • jon

    Glad the wife in this situation took the gun away, instead of in the situation in New Brighton where the wife was shouting “Shoot em’, Shoot em’, Keep Shooting!”

    Though I do wonder in both cases (we’ll never find out) if the guns were locked up in the homes before they were brought out… seems like if you have quick enough access to your shotgun for whenever you get angry, that they probably aren’t locked up…

  • WTH? America has an anger-management problem.

  • Veronica

    Where in the heck did we ever get the idea that shooting people is ever a smart solution to any problem?

    • joetron2030

      The NRA and lawmakers in their pockets.

  • DavidG

    They’re always “law abiding gun owners” right up to the point where they’re not.

    • jon

      But if they were criminals they don’t follow the law… particularly gun laws… I’ve seen the memes on facebook, I am thus qualified to inform you that the world is separated into two categories and that no one can ever change their categorization… there are good guys and bad guys. End of story.
      Bad guys don’t follow laws, so it isn’t reasonable to have laws for them, and good guys don’t need laws because they have Jesus on their side telling them what to do. Laws are stupid.

      • Nicholas Kraemer

        He was just following the advice of Vice President Biden to “buy a shotgun.”

        • Gary F

          Uncle Joe Bidon says we need a shotgun by the door. Now Uncle Joe says to have a double barrel, which are more expensive and only shoot two shots. This guy had a Remington 870 pump, probably the most basic shotgun ever made.

          • Nicholas Kraemer

            Also, Joe would have had this guy firing “two blasts” into the sky.

          • Dave

            I’ve found that you can almost always tell what side of the debate a person is on when he rattles off model numbers and technical details, as if it made a difference as to whether the GUN could kill a person.

          • Gary F

            So fear and ignorance about firearms is good? Do you know New Jersey has a bill awaiting Crisp Crispy’s signature that would make standard tube fed .22lr rifles illegal? Ignorance in the people proposing gun gun control makes for bad laws.

            The guy was a DRUNK irresponsible idiot.

            Our Vice President said we should have a shotgun at the door for protection. You aren’t questioning the wisdom of Joe Bidon, are you?

            So, Starquest, we outlaw shot guns too?

          • What kind of threat was being presented to the homeowner by a father teaching his daughter to ride a bike … on a public street? Does not compute.

          • Gary F

            A guy was making reference to VP Joe Bidon. I was making the point that Uncle Joe Bidon told us to have a double barrel and this guy had a pump that could hold a possible six rounds.

          • KTN

            Which is enough to kill the little girl for the temerity of attempting to ride her bike, and one for the dad – and then four more to shoot in the air in celebration of his God given rights.

          • Veronica

            Joe Biden. Or was it a really bad play on words you were making?

            Good discussions happen without name calling.

  • DavidG

    And somehow, the comments on the story at the FOX site are mostly about psychiatric medications…

    • Joe

      People like to write about what they know

  • Gary F

    The article said he’d been drinking all day. Idiot.

  • Joe

    He’s just teaching the child about proper gun ownership and safety WHILE they are also learning about riding bicycles, it’s for the children! What if the child is riding their bicycle in their neighborhood and needs protection from an attacker in the future? He’s just making sure the child knows their options.

  • Ralphy

    Guns, cars, motorcycles and airplanes – any and all a bad idea to mix with alcohol. Perhaps each should have a breath tester built into them.

    • davehoug

      It won’t get better with more marijuana allowed.