Parking shortage frustrates Minneapolis drivers

Is this a growing trend in Minneapolis? People posting public parking areas in front of their homes as private parking only?

Ed Kohler’s post on The Deets and on Twitter sparked a flurry of reports about how other people in Minneapolis are laying claim to what is not actually theirs.

But upon further review, Kohler says, there’s a story behind this particular example. It’s the home of an elderly woman who’s been getting help from her family, he says.

I was scolded for not researching why someone chose to hammer nails into a boulevard tree to claim a public parking place. Knowing what I know now, I did some research to figure out what the age threshold is for nailing signs to boulevard trees in Minneapolis. There doesn’t appear to be one.

Assuming this is an accessibility issue (perhaps elderly people come and go at the same hours of the day when the Blue Door Pub is busy enough to have cars parked nearly a block away?), the city has ways of addressing this kind of situation that don’t involve nailing “Private Parking” signs into trees. Two different types of restricted parking can be requested depending on needs. I’m all for people aging in place. In fact, I do it every day.

But the need to stake out parking turf shows the exasperation some neighborhoods are experiencing, trying to get a parking spot near their own homes.

Mo Parking: Minneapolis commuters receive bogus parking tickets (KARE).

  • Gary F

    Yep, happens on my side of the river too. Especially in the winter.

    Blue Door Pub is great, on either side of the river. You really need the extra walk after eating there.

    Comes with living in the big city. They need to get parking passes for the homeowners like they do down by the village in Highland.

  • Chris

    My neighbors who park on the street generally have their garages filled to the gills with junk. I have parked my car overnight on the street in south Mpls exactly zero times. I think in most neighborhoods there is plenty of parking. I would take down a sign like that if I saw it.

    • Kassie

      I wouldn’t take down the sign, but I’d ignore it.

      Though I park my car in the street, even though it could fit in the garage. It is much easier for me since we don’t have a garage door opener. And even with one car in the garage, we have another car that has to go on the street. Plus there are the four bicycles, the lawn mower, the firewood…

  • David

    One car garage and two cars means I am “often” on the street. I’ve never considered the spot in front of my house to be truly mine. It does cause me pause when there is someone in “my spot” but I’d never consider littering the boulevard with a sign.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    I’m going to scout out a spot on Calhoun beach and put up a private sunbathing sign.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    How is there a parking shortage? Do we have fewer on-street parking spots? More cars?