Newsreader site under attack by hackers seeking ransom

We suspect we’re talking to nobody at the moment because one of the major ways people read NewsCut is being held hostage.

Feedly, the news reader that seemed to be the reader of choice when Google pulled the plug on Google Reader last year, was taken down today by hackers who are demanding money to restore it.

“We refused to give in and are working with our network providers to mitigate the attack as best as we can,” Feedly’s CEO, Edwin Khodabakchian, said on a blog post this afternoon.

The Denial of Service attacks are fairly common, but it’s unusual for companies to be so forthcoming acknowledging ransom demands.

“I must admit I admire Feedly’s attitude,” Graham Clulely, a computer security blogger, writes. “It’s right not to give in to the blackmailers who are essentially running an extortion racket, demanding that the cloud service pay up or be taken offline with their DDoS attack. The danger of paying DDoS blackmailers is that you’re only encouraging them to attack you more, perhaps increasing their financial demands next time.”

Is there a chance any sensitive data is being stolen?

“Assuming the hackers are only trying to bring the site down by overloading it with traffic, data will likely not be stolen,” A CNET post says. “If, however, the hackers are working to access servers, it might not be long before we’re asked to change our passwords once again. It’s a common refrain as of late, amid an increasingly insecure global environment.”

  • Jason Mock

    In pure defiance of those who would seek to deprive me of NewsCut, I will remain ever vigilant, and frequently check MANUALLY for updates via my computer! I won’t let the hackers win!

  • Carol S.

    Well, I read Newscut on the MPR site, so I’m still here. Keep the posts coming!

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    I always visit the site directly. But I do depend on Feedly for a lot of work-related material and was lost for a while.

  • jon

    I’ve made it to news cut manually… I was able to get feedly working for a little bit this morning… but it’s been a rough day with out regular updates from my feeds… Tomorrow will be worse when I have to go through and catch up with everything.

  • Dave

    I never tried Feedly because it looked too much like a damn app. I use InoReader because it’s almost identical in its simplicity to Google Reader.

    • jon

      It used to be an app… (or maybe a firefox extension) They created a web page for it about the time google reader was retired, mobile version was broken for a while after that still… but everything seems to be working now in a way very similar to what google reader did.