Live video: Storm chasing

Twin tornadoes are raking the farm fields of Nebraska. This is the live coverage being provided to the Weather Channel.

Storm chasing is an obviously dangerous hobby, best left to the experts. Even so, it’s something I’ve always wanted to try, even though it has very little informational value. A decent Doppler radar and a few spotters on the ground can provide the same information.

But it takes more and more shock and awe to keep our attention.

The tornado apparently wiped out the town of Pilager Pilger earlier. Here’s downtown Pilager.

  • John

    Pilger, Bob. Pilager is up by Brainerd – near where my wife grew up. At first glance, I thought – “I better check on Mom-in-law.”

    (I’m not sure I spelled Pilager right either).

  • Carol S.

    I have always been fascinated by tornadoes, and have said several times that I want to be a storm chaser in my next life. I don’t have the science/math background for it, though. I should take the spotter training offered by the NWS.