Lightning, love, and cops

This moment, caught on a security camera in Canada, pretty well destroys everything we’ve been told about being in a vehicle during a thunderstorm.

It happened near Edmonton on Saturday, CTV reports. And in its immediate aftermath, everything seemed relatively normal.

But a half-dozen airbags deployed. The metal on the truck melted. Smoke filled the car. Al and Betty Perry say it was impossible to see or breathe.

Al tells the TV network the doors wouldn’t unlock and he couldn’t get out.

“This is a coffin,” he says he thought to himself as he tried to kick the window out and realized he couldn’t save his wife.

But an RCMP officer was driving by and pulled them both out. CTV says it’ll have an interview with the officer at some point today.

Which brings us to this video, referred to me yesterday by NewsCut reader James Catalano, which I missed when it aired on CBS News a few weeks ago.

It’s a story about a man’s love for his wife. But it’s also a poignant reminder of the cops who go above and beyond.

  • MrE85

    At least the truck occupants lived to tell their tale…Pretty scary.

    • How DO you unlock a car from the inside when the electrical system is fried, anyway?

      • Dave

        I have never seen a car that does not have manual door locks on the inside. You just flip them with your finger.

        • DavidG

          Given that metal on the truck melted as a result of the strike, it’s likely that much of the lock release mechanism was melted as well.

  • CHS

    Starquest is correct, it’s required by NHTSA that a manual lock also be present in all vehicles. Wouldn’t have helped these people though, pretty sure the door mechanisms would have been welded in place by the lightning.

    • Dave

      Fortunately, the probability of being struck by lightning is low.