Dog owners put gardeners in deep doo

Dog owners, would it kill you to pick up after your mutt?

In Fargo, a community garden is being shut down because dog owners couldn’t be bothered cleaning up after their dogs, the Fargo Forum reports.

But give credit to Cheryl Stetz, a community health educator with Fargo Cass Public Health. She gave the owners the benefit of the doubt.

“Most people think they’re doing people a favor and letting their animals fertilize, but actually it’s very dangerous,” she said. “People need to see it as a serious problem. It is a public health risk.”

Because of all the dog doo, no edible crops can be grown in the garden this year, and that’s a loss for a food shelf, which received fresh veggies from the growers during the season.

  • MrE85

    We always picked up after our hound, now waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Sadly, we often seemed to be in the minority, in spite of the city ordinance.

    • David

      In spite of a city ordinance, and common decency…

    • Kassie

      Most people pick up after their dogs. Downtown St. Paul is super dog friendly and 99.5% clean up after their dogs, otherwise there would be dog poop everywhere.

      • MrE85

        Much less compliance in my hood, I’m sorry to say. I’m frequently picking up our front lawn after other people’s dogs.

  • Joe

    I bet it’s even worse than human waste for gardening with all the subpar food we give to our pets. Especially if your dog takes prozac for its depression, but who knows or cares how dogs secrete prozac, right?

    • jon

      K-9’s have different digestive system than humans, they are carnivores turned omnivores, humans are herbivores turned omnivores.

      Both humans and dogs can break down pretty much anything they would want to eat (some exceptions for dogs, like garlic and chocolate) but dogs are built for eating raw meat, that means their bodies have some bacteria that humans don’t, their bodies can also host some bacteria that will make humans sick. And of course there are just the parasites that live in our dogs, and aren’t good for them either, but still happens.

      All feces should be “baked” and dried before being applied as fertilizer (mitigates the burning effect, and kills the bacteria) and herbivores make the safest fertilizer (horses, cows, etc. also called manure).

      • Kassie

        I think farmers put fresh manure on fields, as well as dried manure.

  • joetron2030

    As a dog owner, I despise dog owners that don’t pick up after their dogs.