Bring on the mosquitoes!

Is it too early to start thinking about what life will be like when all the mosquitoes hatch after 20 inches of rain?

Not in my neck of the woods, where the Mosquito Control pilot was already bombing the swamp lake near the NewsCut Woodbury bureau just minutes after the drizzle had stopped today.

Not much of a video, I realize. And he/she departed in a hurry for the next battleground on the list.

There is so much standing water now, one wonders whether this will make much of a difference.

  • John O.

    The mosquitoes are something else this year. OTOH, we do have a bat living somewhere up in our garage rafters that has done a good job of controlling the insect population.

  • Kassie

    We were at Crow Wing State Park a couple weeks ago and it was hard to breathe without getting a mosquito up the nose or down the throat. Ticks were really bad too. This is just going to make it so much worse.

  • Gary F

    Three weeks ago, working in the garage, I encountered the biggest, and slowest skeeters I’ve ever slapped. They were lethargic and huge. Really weird ones.

    “What cologne are you wearing? Cutter, Bullfrog, or Deepwoods Off?”

    • Gayle

      Did they look like mosquitos, but were 5 or 10 times larger? If so, they were likely Crane Flys, which eat mosquitos.

  • John

    I was up on the range this weekend, and they were as bad as I’ve ever felt them. Worse than I remember as a kid.