A Zamboni, with love, from Minnesota

The staff out at “Car Talk” sound thrilled.

In a blog post the other day they wrote:

The Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program just got a &*$^% Zamboni!

Noting that they’ve received motorhomes, motorcycles, and even boats, they added:

And now — no kidding– someone gave us a Zamboni. More precisely, America’s only street-legal Zamboni, donated to our pals at Minnesota Public Radio by Daniel Bourgeois, a.k.a., “Icemaker Dan.”

Now, what to do with a Zamboni in midsummer?

They’re taking suggestions.

H/T Julia Schrenkler

  • We’re in Minnesota, the State of Hockey. We use those things each and every day at rinks all over our state.

    Heck, I’m going to see one both before and after my hockey game.tonight.