Wildfires spark ‘selfie storm’

Someone’s son, daughter, wife, husband, brother, and/or sister is going to work in California today, risking their lives to rescue people caught by the terrible wildfire north of San Diego. It’s what they do.

The fire is already a tragedy that could be made much worse because of people like this.

He just had to get it posted on social media.


The man is just a few feet — a few feet! — from this:

The unidentified man came forward on Reddit to claim credit for his anonymous fame.

“I actually did,” he responded when asked why he didn’t put out the small fire near him. “It was already super hot and the only thing to smoother it with was more bark that was on the floor. That didn’t seem to (sic) smart.”

Two houses at the spot had already burned, he said.

He’s not alone. The fire storm is creating a selfie storm.

Officials have ordered evacuations of over 10,000 homes in the region.