The new St. Croix Crossing by air

Construction is continuing on the new St. Croix Crossing across the Saint Croix River, just south of the old lift bridge in Stillwater.

As of last week, 19 of 23 Minnesota approach pier footings are complete and four piers have been built to their full height, according to MnDOT. Of the three bridge abutments, construction of the eastbound ramp abutment is complete.

I got a chance to fly around the area this morning to get a better idea of the progress.

If it were a race, the Minnesota side would seem to be ahead. The interchange and upgrade of the highway is well underway and it’s easy to see how the bridge will be incorporated into highway 36 with an interchange to highway 95. Starting today, lane shifts will be in place on Osgood Ave. north of Hwy 36 beginning. The interchange is closed through much of June.

It won’t be long…

On the Wisconsin side, it’s a little more difficult to see where the traffic will go.

This farmer had a nice spot along the river and plenty of land. Now, he’s got construction equipment in the front yard and, soon, plenty of traffic. We noticed that most of the grain bins appear new.

Someday, it’ll look like this:

Starting Monday, crews will begin reconstructing the N. Frontage Road from Northwestern Ave to Osgood Ave, according to MnDOT.

You can follow the project with MnDOT’s webcam.

More information and updates about the St. Croix Crossing are available via Facebook.

  • John O.

    Glad to see you are back in the air!

    • I was just a passenger today. Still not able to fly solo though hoping next month I can begin the process of getting the medical certificate back. My plane is also currently up in Hibbing getting painted.

      • Paul Weimer

        Ah, I was going to congratulate you, too, Bob.

        But thank you for the aerial view regardless

  • Gary F

    How soon till the MPR drone?