The greatest tradition in sports

This remains the single greatest tradition in all of sports.

The handshake at the end of a Stanley Cup playoff series, sadly, occurred at the Xcel last night after the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Minnesota Wild 2-1 in overtime.

We noticed something as the Blackhawks left the ice. Fans were still in the stands, cheering their team.

Hockey fans are the best.

  • Matthew Becker

    I would go as far to say that every sport’s athletes stick around after big games or long series to shake hands and generally fraternize. Hockey is just the only sport that makes them get in a line to do so – which just makes me think they wouldn’t do it otherwise.

    And more: hockey, again, is not the only sport where fans stick around to applaud their team even after a loss.

  • irasfriend

    “Hockey fans are the best”….except for the ones pounding on the glass encouraging fighting.I recall seeing THAT video on NewsCut recently as well. (I adhere to the “even-steven” theory of people: for every kind person there is a jerk!) Hockey is a fun sport, it doesn’t need fighting and it doesn’t need fans getting excited over the prospect of seeing a fight. Not to rain on this parade, it is good to see the positives, but let’s not forget that it isn’t all unicorns and rainbows, let’s keep improving.