Students find cash in couch. Give it back.

Don’t you just hate it when you stick $40,000 in your couch and you forget you put it there?

In New Paltz, New York, some college students bought a couch at the Salvation Army for $55 only to find it was loaded with cash.

“We just pulled out envelopes and envelopes,” said Cally Guasti, a social worker with Family of Woodstock who shares an apartment with two friends in New Paltz. “My mouth was literally hanging open — everybody’s was — it was an unfathomable amount.”

Which they gave back. Kids, eh?

“At the end of the day, it wasn’t ours,” Guasti tells the Associated Press. “I think if any of us had used it, it would have felt really wrong.”

It belonged to an elderly woman whose family gave the couch away when she had health problems.

Someone should buy them a new couch.

  • Jack

    Refreshing to see that people still do right in this world.