MN stamp adds mystery to undelivered WWII-era letter

Someone in Minnesota knows something about a mysterious letter sent in World War II. Step forward!

The letter turned up recently in Muskegon, Michigan, bearing a 1945 postmark. It apparently has never been opened.

The Muskegon Chronicle reports that the postal officials would like to get it to the family of the intended recipients, but they don’t know who or where they are. There’s nobody living at the original address anymore.

Here’s the part of the mystery that might hold a clue. Look closely at the picture of the letter at the above link. It was remailed in Minneapolis — or more likely: one of the western suburbs — last September.

“We think somebody put it back into the mail stream,” postmaster William Rowe told the Chronicle.

That adds to the mystery. Who had the letter in Minnesota? Why was it remailed? Where did they find it?