In Rosemount, avoiding potholes gets you a ticket

You have a choice, Minnesota. You can either avoid the pothole craters or you can get a ticket for straying outside your lane. What will it be?

A few days after a man was hurt when his airbag deployed when driving into/over a pothole, another man decided to swerve around one, and ended up with a ticket, Fox 9 News reports this morning.

“He said, ‘I have you on video,’ and I said, ‘Good! I’m so glad you do because it will show — it will show you, it will show anyone who looks at it — that I was clearly moving my way through this pothole region,'” Allen Moe of Rosemount said.

You might want to stay out of Rosemount until someone has a chat with police there.

  • MrE85

    There were plenty of good reasons to stay out of Rosemount before the potholes.

    • tboom


  • jon

    I’m guessing some one is already having a chat with that officer…

    I’d venture a guess any time an officer ends up in the news media some one has a chat with them… either congratulator or condemnitory (and some times just confused.)

  • Kassie

    I’m not saying this guy is wrong. He’s not. He should do what he can to avoid potholes when safe (which this sounds like it was.) That said, it is really getting dangerous out there with the people avoiding the potholes. When I’m biking, I see a lot of cars in my bike lane avoiding the potholes. I hope they see me too, but they seem to be distracted by avoiding the potholes. The other day I saw the aftermath of a head on collision by my house. While maybe there was another cause, it looked to me that two people both chose to move to the center to avoid potholes and hit each other. I’ve taken buses recently that have driven completely on the wrong side of the street for half a block or more to avoid the potholes. It was one thing in late March when there were potholes everywhere, it is a whole other thing now that it is May and most in my neighborhood still are not fixed.

  • Dave

    If and when this citation is dismissed, I hope that makes the news too.

  • Ralphy

    I have been told that during pothole season, one method the police use to identify a potentially impaired driver is to watch for someone that stays straight inside their lane, even if it means hitting potholes. The idea being that the impaired driver is so focused on not swerving (the asumption being that by swerving theya re calling attention to themselves) that they stand out in the traffic of those sensible drivers that are dodging the craters.