Half-full, half-empty news at Target

Today’s regulatory filing by Target provides a good opportunity for the business world to see the same thing differently.

You can judge how they did.

Target Ex-CEO’s Pay Fell 35 Percent In Final Year (Associated Press)

Ousted Target CEO to get $16 million in severance (Minnesota Public Radio News)

  • Joe

    Severance must be taxed less, and they knew the transition was going to happen. “Innovation”!

    • John

      When I lost my job (i.e. was laid off), my severance pay (6 weeks of my salary) was considered regular income.

      My guess is that actually, much of the CEO’s pay was either
      a) based on stock options or
      b) based on company performance

      If it’s (a), it’s probably taxed as capital gains – which are most likely taxed at a lower rate than regular income (at CEO pay levels).

      If it’s (b), I have no idea whether that would be considered regular income or what.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    Who cares.

    • Dave

      Exactly. Pay no attention to the ousted CEO and his $16m golden parachute. That just diverts our focus from the real business of America, which is the destroying of the middle class and making sure that poor people starve.

  • Jeff C.

    A cash bonus of $2.9 million? Annual salary of $20 million? That is nearly $10,000/hour! Just over $160/minute!! How many times more than the lowest paid Target employee is that? (Probably around 1200 times.) Why are we, as a society, OK with such a huge difference between rich and poor?