Gay video too hot for Janesville

The Janesville, Wisconsin school superintendent has apologized for the showing of this video last month at a high school day to bring “attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools.”

“I found the video to be inappropriate and propaganda laden in addition to the left-wing political view,” grandparent Jo Yungerman wrote to the principal in a letter dated April 17 provided to the Wisconsin State Journal.

“The appropriate thing would be to present both sides of an issue or all sides of an issue, so that’s why I sent the apology, because I felt we did not follow board policy,” Superintendent Karen Schulte said.

A class adviser and the school’s principal had approved showing the film.

  • What’s “left wing” (or “right wing”) about proposing marriage?

    • John Peschken

      Of course the trouble with proposing marriage comes from certain parts of the right wing when you propose it for “those people”. For some opponents, belief in the literal words of their book is non-negotiable and not required to be sensible. I don’t know how you ever persuade people like that. You can’t do it with facts and logic. You just have to outnumber them with the rest of society, and know that their point of view will mostly age out of the population as time passes.

    • Joe

      I think the only thing marriage has in common with either political “wing” is chicken wings

  • Dave

    I’m curious — what is the “other” side of this issue?

    • DavidG


    • Joe

      Bubble boy? We can’t teach our children about the Moops, they might fear them and start a war on terror.

      • Dave

        I have no idea what that means.

        • Joe

          Seinfeld/irrational fear reference

  • Joe

    I take serious issue with the idea that schools should be teaching hate like this Schulte character is suggesting we begin to do, I don’t know what good can possibly come from schools overtly beginning to attack Jesus in our schools.

    • How’s he doing in your churches? Is he OK there? If so, no problem.

      • Joe

        He’s alive and well last I heard

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    Can’t wait to see what this title does for NewsCut’s SERP.

    • Joe

      What about the title is suggestive? Clearly the title is implying that gays will burn in hell for all eternity because they’re so hot. What are you reading into it? I take everything, in English, literally.