Fosston bus driver denies kids’ bullying allegations

Another side of the story is being told in the case of last week’s alleged bullying of two kids in Fosston, Minnesota. Their mother sat them down for a video of them telling their story.

The bus driver, Oran Underdahl, sent a statement to Valley News Live last evening:

My name is Oran Underdahl. I’ve been a bus driver with Fosston Public Schools for six years. I have an impeccable safety record and no disciplinary history. I love my job and the kids that I have been privileged to serve. The outpouring of support from Fosston kids and families in the wake of allegations that I have bullied and/or allowed students to be bullied on my bus route has been overwhelming, and I am truly grateful for it.

Twice a day, I drive 40+ kids to and from school. I take pride in my work, and I have genuine concern for the students who ride my bus. I have never knowingly allowed a student to be “bullied” on my bus. I have never “bullied” a student on my bus (or anywhere else for that matter).

I am confident that one day the truth of this situation will be uncovered and will become known to the public. For now, I will rely on my family, friends, and community for support as I evaluate a potential legal claim against those who have made defamatory statements about me.

Thank you,
Oran Underdahl

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    When they write America’s obit I hope they mark the days when names like Oran went out of fashion as a key turning point.

  • Joe

    Maybe the bus driver was bullied himself and is so used to the behavior that he did not notice.

  • Leanne Fisher

    I do not understand why everyone is out to lynch the bus driver. Has the child or parent proven he did anything? Is there a video proving he did anything? Is there pictures of the bruises and abrasions this child supposedly has had for the past 5 months? How many times did the mother, in those 5 months go to a school board meeting and let it be known her daughter was being brutalized? I know I would have been at the very first one and I would have screamed until someone heard me. Did she ever call the district office and ask to personally speak to the superintendent? Did she ever go to the superintendents office and just sit there all day until he came out and talked to her? I would have. Did she at anytime take the child to the Dr and have documented the injuries she had? Did the mother at any time go and speak to a law enforcement officer or maybe file charges against the school, children and bus driver? Did she ever file a complaint with the Prosecutors office? Did she ever contact children services and have the family “children” abusing her daughter evaluated? Did the mother ever speak personally to the bus driver OR his superior? Why hasn’t anyone asked any of these questions? Why is it, that people are ready to lynch this man and the so called boys who supposedly abused her daughter without one shred of proof? You are going on the word of a little girl, and let me add, the little girl said very little, it was her little brother saying it all. The way the cuss words rolled right out of his mouth made me say…wth. I don’t know if she was bullied, abused or whatever but I will not crucify a man until he is proven guilty. If he or the school allowed bullying then shame on them but if this is just a video that went bigger than mom expected and none of this can be proven, then shame on her.

    • Amanda Hickman

      I agree with you. Seems all the mother did was to post that ridiculous video and people just jump right on the band wagon. If the mother lied, I hope the bus driver and the school district sue her.

    • rc2121

      Sad day when you have to jump through that many hoops because telling the principal – who fully admits you told him and he did nothing – wasn’t enough. Curse those kids for not getting straight up video of themselves being bullied since they apparently have to get full documentation before anyone will look into it. I’d have far more respect for the bus driver if he’d said “I was unaware of any bullying going on, but I will do all that I can to look into this and help resolve it to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” Rather than all his hind-covering and “thanks for taking my side” and “looking into legal action.”

    • Fosston Greyhound

      Well said!!!! I’m from Fosston myself, and am on the busdriver’s “side”. This family is a circus show.

  • Fosston Greyhound

    As a former Fosstonite, I have nothing but GOOD to say about this bus driver….his reputation is impeccable, and takes pride in his job ~ ~ I don’t live in Fosston any longer, but my friends back home say he is the VICTIM. This mother has been a troublemaker in Fosston since moving there, and has now dragged her kids into public humiliation on a social media level.

    Mom didn’t have the balls to deal with this in the beginning, like any normal parent would….instead, she makes the 2 kids go in & talk to the principal & super. WTF??? Put your beer down, and go into the school YOURSELF. Now her only way of “justice”, is to humiliate her daughter, and implicate her family’s morals (when you listen to the little brother rattle off the swear words, it is obvious he has heard them countless times before.)

    If there truly was bullying from 1 child to another–yes, it needs to be dealt with! As a parent, call & talk to the other parent. If nothing improves, go to the school yourself….don’t make your little ones do your footwork for you.