Fifth Avenue? Who needs it? We’ve got Uptown

You know you’ve made it, Minneapolis, when the New York Times turns to you for fashion advice.

In its feature today, the Times goes to Uptown where we learn some people don’t wash their hair.

  • Gary F

    I ALWAYS correct someone when they say I’m from Minneapolis. I’m from St Paul, you know, St Paul, the capitol of Minnesota, you know, you learned it in fifth grade.

    After watching this video, I am again reassured why I say that.

  • Kassie

    A lot of people don’t wash their hair, not just hipsters. Shampooing your hair isn’t really good for it. I only shampoo mine once a week, usually. I do shower much more often.

  • John Peschken

    Ragged combat boots and other faux military self conscious clothing choices. Basically it’s a very conformist culture, isn’t it?

    • Joe

      Culture is indeed conformist.