Enough with the Nazis

Dear politicians: Enough with the Nazis.

Since 2008, analogies to Nazis have permeated the American political discourse, pretty much neutering the true historical impact of the systematic extermination of a race.

The latest politician to try to exploit the Nazi analogy is a Tennessee state senator who posted his thought for the day today:


Republicans in Tennessee moved quickly to distance themselves from Stacey Campfield.

Ironically, there are innumerable examples, however, of current-day genocide that actually might make a fair comparison to Nazis. But politicians rarely jump at that opportunity, which is one reason why they continue.

  • Joe

    The more you wantonly call people Nazis, the more likely it is that the Nazi Party reemerges at Gasthof’s Pub. Blowback!

  • MrE85

    One of my Rules to Live By is never buy a book with a swastika on its cover.

  • Jay T. Berken

    It is not only that both sides of the spectrum use the Nazi analogy, but they say they use it because the other side had used Nazi analogy describing their side at one time. Nothing like acting like a bunch of two year olds…

  • Gary F

    Oh, good, i’m glad its only been a problem since 2008. That means Bush is still Hitler. Right?

    • Joe

      Hitler started out as an artist, Bush ended up one. A tortured soul. I feel bad for him. He didn’t keep the best company.