Drivers give up avoiding potholes

Somewhere potholes are being filled on heavily-traveled roads, but good luck finding where. You can’t fill potholes in the rain, which has served the coup de grace on most roads that still could be called roads.

Today, the Pioneer Press reports Saint Paul’s street boss has declared the potholes the “worst ever.”

PiPress’ John Brewer and Andy Rathbun found this baby on Fairview.

How do you know it’s a bad pothole season? By May 1, you give up trying to go around them and accept your fate.

  • DavidG

    I must be driving in the wrong places, because except for a small number of locations, my routes really aren’t in that bad of shape pothole wise.

    • davidz

      Then we’re definitely not driving the same places. Almost everywhere that I’m going, there are streets in horrible shape. It doesn’t help that my neighborhood is 26 years into a 25 year rebuild plan — so by next year I’ll see a lot of completely new streets. But this past year it’s been awful, and the last few months even worse. Deferred maintenance really catches up to you.

    • Kassie

      Come to my house. Most of the main streets on the East Side of St. Paul are nearly impassable. We’ve taken to using small neighborhood streets to get places in order to save our cars. When I bike, I worry that I’m going to get hit because so many cars are driving in the bike lane to avoid them, or concentrating more on the potholes than avoiding me.

      • tboom

        Another reason people move to the suburbs, streets are decent out here in my neck of the former farm fields. Everybody loves to build new stuff, nobody wants to spend a dime on maintenance.

      • DavidG

        Should have moved to Northeast, Kassie. 🙂

        • Kassie

          Yeah, I’ll take my 10-15 minute bike ride to work over a 30-45 minute car commute any day.

  • Jim Hartmann

    I’d avoid driving your Ford down Ford Parkway these days

  • Jack

    I would not encourage the measuring of potholes on a busy street. It’s bad enough dodging potholes but now we have to watch for people measuring potholes too??? Where was St. Paul’s finest when this was going on?