Don’t take your mom to a job interview

Let them go, helicopter parents.

Nearly four out of 10 Americans between 18 to 24 years old say their parents are involved in their search for employment, a recent survey said. The generation of helicopter parents apparently can’t let their kids get their own jobs.

The survey from Adecco Staffing found that 38% of young people surveyed said:

Locates/researches job listings for me (12 percent)
Rehearses for my interviews with me (9 percent)
Crafts my resume or cover letter (6 percent)
Forwards my resume or cover letter to personal network (5 percent)
Accompanies me to interviews, but does not join the interview (4 percent)
Makes calls/send emails to perspective employers on my behalf (3 percent)
Writes my thank-you notes (3 percent)
Follows up with my prospective employers on my behalf post-interview (2 percent)
Accompanies me to interviews and joins the interview (1 percent)

“I need this young generation to have the initiative, and I don’t need their mom and dad to do that,” the president of the staffing company said.