Doing the ‘right thing,’ cop buys bed for teen

Some of the social media networks laughed it up big a few weeks ago when the New York Police Department invited its social media audience to submit pictures of encounters with a police officer.

People could’ve posted a picture of the cop who bought boots for a homeless man, but that wouldn’t have been that funny; not as funny as this.

It was a bad idea because people are going to be people.

It can be hard for cops like Gaetano Acerra of Sumter, South Carolina to get a little recognition but, fortunately, he got some this week after he responded to a call from a 13-year-old boy who said he didn’t want to live with his mother anymore.

“I said, ‘You have it good. You have a roof over your head,’” Acerra tells WIS TV in Columbia, South Carolina.

When he took the boy home, however, he found he didn’t even have a bed to sleep in.

So he went and bought Cameron Simmons a bed, a TV, a desk, and a Wii console.

“I did it because I could,” he said. “And it was the right thing to do and I think people should do things like this.”

  • kcmarshall

    Thanks for sharing this story, Bob. I think that stories about police abuse are incredibly important; what happened with the #myNYPD hastag wasn’t just about humor. That was a vivid demonstration of the democratic power of social media.

    This story is important too. Some cops may be terrible and some merely good enough. It is wonderful to be hear about compassionate, caring actions by police officers as well.