‘Before they die’, kids wanted friend to get an arm

The next time someone dismisses Twitter as just a place where you post about what you’re having for lunch, tell them the story of Torri Biddle, 19, an Ohio woman who was born without an arm.

Her friends started a campaign on Twitter, using the hashtag #HandForTorri, to try to get her a prosthetic arm. That effort caught the attention of The Buried Life, which held a contest asking people what they wanted to do before they die.

Ms. Biddle’s pal submitted her story.

“It wasn’t a wasn’t a sob story,” Ben Nemtin of “The Buried Life” told the New York Daily News. “She played basketball, had an awesome group of friends. One thing she wanted to do, was have a bionic arm.”

Look who’s got an arm!

  • Ben Brown

    One of my most brilliant, capable, high-achieving friends I met in college had a similar situation as Torri’s. Just the thought of anyone ever teasing or bullying her would be unconscionable to me, even moreso, now, that I have a daughter of my own. What a loving gesture from her friends and all involved.

  • Ali Lozoff

    Well. Ahem. And now I’ve got a whole new group of videos to go watch, since I had never heard of The Buried Life before. Thanks Bob. #TearsOfAli

  • jon

    “One thing she wanted to do, was have a bionic arm.”

    isn’t that the wish of every one who grew up watching the 6 million dollar man.