After 58 years, man meets baby he found while hunting

Dave Hickman was hunting with his grandfather near Boston, Indiana back in 1955 when he heard a cooing sound. The teenager looked in some brush and found a baby. How and why she got there is anybody’s guess, but their time together was short lived. The baby was turned over to a sheriff. Eventually, she was adopted by a couple, who moved away.

For the last 58 years, Hickman has wondered whatever happened to the baby.

Yesterday, they met, the Indianapolis Star reports today.

Hickman brought the room to tears when he presented Ellen Suey three roses, noting “that this is our third reunion.”

“The first rose is for a little baby girl that God let my grandfather and me to find in the woods. The second is for the little baby girl named Roseann Wayne that two angels brought to me to say good-bye when I was in school,” he said.

“The third rose is for today and for a very special lady who was saved by the hand of God, Mary Ellen Suey,” Hickman said.