A diploma for Genevieve, 78 years later

It was the Great Depression and your family needed you to go to work. So you dropped out of school. But you’ve always thought about going back to school or taking night classes to get the high school degree. Instead, you married, raised three children, divorced, then married again.

When you were 93, a Council on Aging outreach coordinator asked you what you’d do differently if you could live your life over again?

And so, you went back to school.

And next week, if you’re Genevieve Johnson, you’ll get your high school diploma.

  • David Brauer

    This a wonderful story (he says as a 53-year-old college grad) but there was one quote that blew my mind. “‘Her leaving school to go to work to help her family,’ Caviston opined. ‘No kid would do that today.'” Kids do this all the time … especially kids from immigrant and poor families. The students at Westford Academy still have a lot to learn about the big, wide world.