When is a prom ‘date’ not a prom ‘date’?

A few years ago, a local knucklehead in high school invited porn stars to be his date at the senior prom. When one accepted, that forced school officials to crack down on whom students can invite to the prom.

And that’s why Jack Jablonski, the Benilde-St. Margaret hockey player who was paralyzed during a game, had to depend on common sense prevailing when he asked ESPN’s Michelle Beadle to be his date.

“Caught me by surprise,” he tells Fox9 News. “Didn’t expect her to say yes.”

The school has a rule that nobody over 20 can be a prom date, but yesterday the school relented by calling Beadle a “special guest,” rather than a “date.”

“Benilde is strict about it and they have been very generous and helpful in working it out so it’s not something that is frowned upon,” Jablonski said.

  • Kassie

    I know Benilde probably doesn’t have this problem, but in Minnesota, students can start a year of high school at 20 and turn 21 during the school year. It would suck to be a 21 year old not allowed to go to their own prom or bring their totally age appropriate boyfriend/girlfriend.

    • DavidG

      I’m going to hazard a guess, and say the 20 year age limit wouldn’t apply to an enrolled student (but still might to their date)?

      Of course, it would also be an unlikely special circumstance that they would allow someone to take that long to complete high school there.

      • Kassie

        Metro high schools have lots and lots of 20 year old students. The are mostly English as a Second Language and kids with intellectual or developmental disabilities. But, yeah, Benilde doesn’t have those sorts of kids at their school.