‘We win! Let’s burn something’

Your parents must be so proud, Iowa State students.

In Ames early this morning a riot broke out during Veishea, which is billed as the annual “showcase for the university and alumni.” One student was seriously hurt during the showcase, the Des Moines Register reports.

In Storrs, Conn., this week, students celebrated the NCAA men’s basketball championship in the streets, because nothing proves you’re number one like flipping a few cars over and smashing some windows.

Curiously, it’s also how you show you’re #2 in Kentucky (language warning).

Last night, the UConn women’s basketball team won the national championship game and, again, fans hit the streets. This time, however, there was no vandalism.

  • John

    I lived in Ames for 6 years. This happens pretty regularly during VEISHA.

    The couple times it happened while I lived there, a lot of the root cause was identified as how the police and students (who were most likely drunk at the time) interacted at bar close.

    Seems that some things never change.

  • Jim G

    In college I learned this chemical equation: (B)ooze + (T)estosterone = Bloody Violence.