Twins attendance woes worsen

Here’s Target Field during the first pitch of today’s Twins-Oakland game. It’s not the fault of the Minnesota weather, apparently.

The official attendance was announced as 20,650, which is a lie.

  • MrE85

    Fans are not required to win ball games. If they start winning, the bandwagon and the stadium will start to fill quickly.

  • Guest

    What do you bet they still report 20k+?

  • I went to this game today! I had a great time. I tried the rip tips at the new Butcher and the Boar stand in Target Plaza. They were good! Attendance will be better later in the season. Cleveland wasn’t looking so hot last weekend 😉

  • John

    I’m not surprised that a weekday, day game in April had low attendance. This looks reeeeeaaaallly low though. Yikes.

  • Brian Simon

    I’m just soaking up the return on investment from that fancy entertainment venue.

  • tboom

    By my calculations at the end of this season, the limestone ballpark without centerfield pine trees will be 20-25 percent through its lifespan (the typical useful life of a stadium/arena in Minnesota). In about a decade we’ll hear that Minnesotans won’t come out to the game because they can’t count on the weather, so we need a new covered ballpark with enhanced revenue streams! (And so old ladies imprisoned in senior housing can watch the Twins on subscription TV)

    • Breaking: Trees have been planted in centerfield .

      • tboom

        Yay! I missed that announcement but, can always count on News Cut.
        (I thought the trees were responsible for the Twins poor hitting).