The real story behind the computer wallpaper we’ll never forget


There’s probably a virtual Walmart or virtual Home Depot here now.

This scene is no more. The most famous wallpaper in the world has been relegated to the ash heap now that Microsoft has walked away from its Windows XP operating system.

The image is called “Bliss.” Is it real? Microsoft has released this video with the answer.

  • joetron2030

    That wallpaper was always the first sign that I had a lot more work to do. I only ever saw that one when I was setting up a new (or newly wiped) XP machine.

  • dschille

    This always makes me think of the movie “Toys” with Robin Williams. I assume it’s the same place.

  • Jordan Green

    Not sure if it violates the TOS or not, but I definitely copied that image from my XP laptop to my windows 7 laptop, and have used it as my background.

  • Jim G

    Bliss is fleeting, the beautiful smile of a woman remembered is eternal.