The nature of mercy in the courtroom

In recent weeks,there have been some astounding acts of grace in Minnesota courtrooms.

“Despite every graphic and appalling word I’ve heard and witnessed, I do not hate. Returning hatred for hatred and evil for evil: She would not, nor will I. In this, I will honor her,” Cheri Ekbom said last week at the sentencing of the man who killed her mother.

In Duluth, Colin Mackin stood up yesterday and said “life goes on,” asking a prosecutor to go easy on the three people who shot him during a botched robbery attempt around Christmas, the Duluth News Tribune says.

Outside the courtroom, Mackin said he wished the whole incident had never happened, but wanted to make the best of it.

“I don’t think it was an accident that I was shot,” he said. “There’s some reason for everything that happens to us.”

Mackin said he believes the incident was a message from God that will help lead the defendants down a better path and serve as a teaching moment for others.

“If this story and the circumstances surrounding it could reach just one person with the message of Christ, it will all be worth it,” he said.

A 34 year old woman was given a year in county jail and probation. Two men were given 15-year-prison terms.